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Setting up and configuring a proxy server can sometimes become an exhaustive task, especially when time is not a luxury you can afford.  Many of us don't care to run scripts or feel they can be a hassle.   With the EVE Robotics Proxy Server Wizard, you will be able to configure your server and IPs with the push of a button.  All you need is a server provider and this tool will do the rest.  Stop paying to have your servers setup for you.  Stop overpaying for proxies.  Now you choose the provider and you never have to pay for overpriced proxies again.  It's really just three easy steps:

Enter SSH access credentials
Input your additional IPs list and their netmask
configure a login username and password for the proxies and watch the magic happen!



What does this software do ?

Basically, this software turns a server with some IP addresses attached into an entire subnet.

Example :

If you have a server with 100 IPs attached, the software will make 100 proxies and you only have to input a few details about your server into the wizard. It will do the rest.

A lot of people don’t know this method and are familiar with another one when we talk about making proxies. Not only have we given you the option to use this method, but we have automated the process for you. Some people on sneaker Twitter charge $100 or more to do what this wizard does. Now you can save the money you would have spent on configuration and you give yourself the ability to configure other people’s proxy servers for a fee !

What do most people do?

Most people take hourly servers with only 1 IP attached and turn them into a proxy, so if they want 100 proxies they need to create 100 instances and pay each of them hourly.

This method is very inconvenient:

1. Not many providers allow users to create multiple hourly servers. Even if you are able to create them, the provider will often cancel all instances – leaving you without proxies for a drop.
2. You need to make one server for every proxy you need. This can be very time consuming when we’re talking about 100 or more proxies.
3. The cost of this highly depends on what server provider you choose and the cheaper hourly providers are often banned.

What will you do with this method?

You will just need to rent the following:

1. One good server
2. As many IP adresses as you need (1 IP = 1 proxy )

What is the benefit of this method ?

1. It’s a lot cheaper than every other method.

The price of the IP can vary between $0.50-$1 per IP per month.
The price of the server can vary $10-50/month depending on the specs.

For exemple if you need 100 proxies, you can easily make a deal for $100 per month.

2. These proxies will be monthly, so you will keep them for as long as you need. Of course you can stop them when you want.

3. These proxies will be a lot better than others that you find. They will be better with the speed ping, this parameter only depends on the specs of the server.

4. If you find IPs that aren’t banned from the site you like they will be block only if you use them incorrectly, so if you get proxies that work on Adidas, Supreme, Footsites, etc. you can keep them for as long as you like and won’t have to worry about them getting banned.


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