EVE Robotics Ares

$500.00 $400.00

With Ares from EVE Robotics, you will be able to monitor any site you wish for restocks of any product you choose! Stop paying for monthly monitors and stop getting notified for every GR NMD that releases. Get notifications in under a second and cook with Ares!



Ares allows users to select a pre-loaded template for the site they wish to monitor and then paste in any out of stock link or link that was in stock and now shows 404 to monitor. When the item restocks or 404 page is returned to a product page, Ares picks it up and notifies users via Twitter, Slack, Twilio, or all 3! Users can choose what message to push to their method of choice and can even push clickable links and a message! Don’t pay for what you can do yourself. This software is powerful enough to allow users to create their own restock monitor – no software customization needed! Join the EVE Robotics team today and start cooking with Ares!


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