EVE Robotics Scraper Y

$120.00 $100.00

The EVE Robotics Scraper Y rapidly searches over your  sneaker and clothing sites list , allowing users to find links to items they can resell for profit.  Our  high-powered scraper give resellers the tool they need to find links with ease.  All links are clickable as well, which saves our users valuable seconds on each purchase.

please note that the scraper Y is similar to the scraper X but it works on your own sites list

edit the file SITEMAPS/SITEMAPS.txt with your own URLs list one per line



The EVE Robotics Scraper Y has three main functions.

The first is a search function that searches our massive site database for past product links.  This is useful when building a list of URLs to monitor for restocks.  Search “yeezy&350” and you will receive links dating back to Yeezy 350 Moonrocks.  The second function is the monitor function.  This will allow users to receive new links matching their search terms in real time in the app window.  These links are clickable and take you straight to the product page.  Last is the notifier function.  Paired with the PushBullet app, users will receive clickable links on their phones so they will be able to access profitable products even while away from their computers.  Never pay for a monthly monitoring service again!  All users will also have access to ALL future updates for FREE and FOREVER!  Not to mention loyalty discounts for future products from EVE Robotics.


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